Petition for Classification and My Delayed Registration

Spring registration at CSUF began for me on November 2, 2011, yet I am currently six days late registering for classes.  It is not because I am lazy or do not have access to the internet.  It is because I was not expecting to need to change my classification status after just my first semester in the MBA program.

Let me back up a bit and explain.  CSUF’s MBA program requires students to complete approximately 19 courses, and these courses are divided between pre-requisites, unrestricted courses (pre-classification), and restricted courses.  The four pre-requisite courses include business calculus, statistics, information systems, and managerial communications.  These courses must be completed by the end of a student’s first year in the MBA program to successfully complete the first part of the graduate degree.

The next group of classes each student must complete consists of the unrestricted courses.  These courses, along with the pre-requisites, must be completed before a student can enroll in any restricted courses.  I consider the unrestricted courses to be the “core” of the MBA program.  These consist of management, accounting, economics, and marketing classes that help lay the groundwork for the restricted classes.  Students can waive pre-requisite and unrestricted courses if they have completed the equivalent coursework during their business undergrad studies.  I enrolled in the CSUF program and was pleased to wave ten courses thanks to my undergraduate coursework.  I must take a couple of replacement courses to ensure I complete enough units to graduate, but this allows me to tailor my course selections to better fit my career aspirations.

Once the pre-requisites and unrestricted courses have been completed, then several forms have to be filled out.  These forms change the student’s classification status, which will then allow the student to enroll in restricted MBA courses.  These required forms include the Concentration / Elective Approval sheet, the Replacement Course Approval sheet, and any necessary evaluation forms.  These forms, once completed, establish each student’s individual MBA study plan.  (It should be noted that the concentration and replacement courses can be changed even after the forms have been completed – just contact the graduate program staff to update the specific form).

Once all of the above steps have been completed, then the student can petition for classification change with the CSUF New Admit Advisor.  The completed petition should be emailed, which allows for faster processing.  The whole system still seems a little slow, as it takes approximately four to five business days to complete.  (Update: I received an email confirming my classification approval five days after submitting the form.  However, now I have a hold on my account because I need to provide to Health Center with proof my immunizations are up-to-date.  This is turning into a challenging semester, and classes have not even started yet).

The disappointing thing about the classification requirement is that I am fully aware of it now, but will not ever need to complete the petition while in the CSUF MBA program.  Ideally, I would like other students to be aware of the requirement, so that it does not sneak up on them like it did to me.  It is not that I was not aware of the requirement – I just was unaware of where I stood with regard to the courses I had waived and taken.  Hopefully, this will bring to light the petition for classification to other students, who can avoid the registration issues I have dealt with this semester.

Here are an interesting articles I read this past week:

“Is An Ivy League Diploma Worth It?” – This article relates nicely to my previous post about rising tuition and student debt levels.  It takes a little different perspective and focuses mainly on undergraduate students, but the main message it the same.  I am wondering, if students start choosing less-expensive state schools over private institutions, will those private universities need to reduce their costs to remain competitive and attract students?


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  1. 1 Jeff Smith December 21, 2011 at 10:56 pm

    Matt, I ran into these same problems. It was quite frustrating. I searched for a few days for my immunization records. I tried calling my mom. I tried getting my military records (only an act of God can accomplish this, it seems). Finally, I told the school that I object for philosophical/religious reasons and the hold was removed.

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