5 CSUF MBA Courses I’m Looking Forward to Taking

It may sound lame, but there are a handful of courses that I am excited about taking for my CSUF MBA.  I have four elective courses I need to take over the next four semesters.  The majority of those will likely be finance classes (which is my current concentration), but I have some flexibility to take a few in other subject areas.  Here’s a list of the five courses I am most looking forward to taking at Fullerton:

  • Entrepreneurial Finance (Finance) – One day, I would like to start and run my own business.  I am not sure yet what it would be, but I feel entrepreneurship is a great way to be successful in our new economic climate.  Funding a new venture, obtaining financing, and managing cash flow are some of the most important considerations entrepreneurs must address.  Cash is the fuel that powers all small businesses, and managing that fuel is one of the most important skills an entrepreneur can possess.  I would hope this course would lay some groundwork for those skills which I could then test and refine once I start my own business.
  • Seminar in Investment Management (Finance) – One thing that has become clear to me in the last three or four years is the importance of knowledgeable and competent investment managers.  The large, rapid swings in the market since the onset of the financial crisis have severely damaged countless retirement accounts, and people need valuable investment advisors in their corner to combat this challenging investment climate.  The course description does not specify whether the topics address corporate or individual investment management, but many of the principles it covers including portfolio management, risk evaluation and investment criteria would benefit anyone working in either of those fields.
  • New Venture Leadership and Management (Management) – I do not expect this course to provide me with all the insight I would ever need to start my own business.  I would hope though, that because it encompasses organizational development and human resource management, it would highlight the legal and regulatory issues that new ventures need to address.  I believe simply having awareness of these issues would be a huge personal benefit when starting a new business.
  • Comparative Management (Management) – The American way of doing business is not the only way of doing business.  And increasingly, companies are expanding their operations overseas and marketing to international customers.  As a result, it is important that managers understand the cultural, political, legal, and economic differences that exist in markets all over the world.  I personally expect that I will be exposed to international customers at some point in my career, and would benefit from an early exposure to the many differences found in the international marketplace.
  • Marketing New Ventures (Marketing) – My hope is that this course will help me develop a strategy for analyzing potential new business ideas.  The class covers market analysis, competitive analysis, costs of starting a business and launch feasibility.  These skills and strategies would help me determine whether a business idea is worth pursuing, and would be a great starting point for developing a well-rounded business plan, as well.

Here are a couple of articles that I found interesting this week:

“New Studies Show Pitfalls of Doing Too Much at Once” – This article was particularly informative for me, because I (like I assume most people) try to multitask in an effort to be as productive as possible.  However, considering excessive multitasking can lead to loss of concentration, attentiveness and gaps in short-term memory, I have been attempting to cut down on my multitasking (particularly at work).  Do you find yourself multitasking at work in an effort to be as productive as possible?  Do you notice any lapses in your work performance (positive or negative) when you multitask?

“5 Easy Steps to Your Own E-Commerce Startup For $100” – This blog post, by Martin Zwilling, was an encouraging read considering my interest in eventually starting my own business.  What I find particularly inspiring is the fact that a startup can get off the ground with as little as $100 – there are few financial excuses for getting a startup off the ground.


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