Turn Your Business Ideas Into Cash!

As a new semester beckons, I wanted to share a business opportunity offered by CSUF’s Mihaylo School of Business.  Specifically, it is a business idea opportunity – even more specifically, a business plan contest.  CSUF is hosting its first ever business plan contest in conjunction with the school’s Center for Entrepreneurship.  All students are welcome to participate (not just MBAs) and the grand prize is $3,000 in cash.

I am certain you have a great business idea floating around in your head you desperately want to share with the world, test its viability, and eventually turn into a thriving business.  Now’s your chance!  Each team must consist of at least one CSUF student, and the contest is searching for “new, independent ventures in the seed, start-up, or early growth stages.”  So potential businesses and existing start-ups are eligible for the contest and are eligible to win a share of the $8,000 in cash prizes.

My brother and I were evaluating a business idea for the contest, but it was extremely technical and our research revealed it is not as feasible as we originally hoped.  We are undeterred however, and my goal before earning my MBA is to enter the business plan contest.  I love the idea of creating something new, nurturing its growth and turning what was once just an idea into a tangible, profitable venture.

Check out the contest rules here and submit your business plan through the TITANium – Business Plan Contest Community.  CSUF is also offering Boot Camps to assist students preparing for the contest – the next Boot Camp will be held on January 30,2012, from 1 – 5pm.  Contact Travis Lindsay (tlindsay@fullerton.edu) if you wish to attend.  I will provide contest updates through my Twitter account @orangecountymba, so be sure to follow me for contest, CSUF, and MBA news and information.

Good luck to everyone who enters the contest!  If you are submitting a plan, leave a comment below and share (what you can) about your idea – I’d love to hear about it!

Here are a couple of interesting articles I recently read and want to share:

“5 Exercises in Perceptive Listening” – I have yet to try out the techniques recommended in this article, but I firmly believe listening will soon become a highly sought-after skill in our Twitter/Facebook/Youtube/instant gratification-obsessed culture.  The article serves as a nice reminder that sometimes it is better to listen than to be heard, and offers suggestions on how to practice that.

“Quit: Do It Now” – Most career articles explain how to interview and job search like a pro.  And I am in no way advocating that you quite your job after reading this WSJ story.  But I found it thought-provoking, because I have yet to read an article that provided a blueprint for quitting a job.  This is not anything I am considering anytime soon, but it was an interesting read nonetheless.


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