Weekly Article Roundup

I’m sorry this week’s post is not CSUF related – I’m now getting into the thick of a new semester, and am dealing with my first exams and case studies.  New CSUF and MBA posts will be up in the coming weeks, but until then here are some articles I’ve recently read that you might find informative:

“When It Comes to Networking, Don’t Try to Wing It” – Not only do the authors offer great tips for taking full advantage of networking opportunities (my favorite tip is to always learn, even after finishing school), but they make a case that women are better networkers than men (a big part of the reason has to do with how women prepare for networking events and opportunities).

“You Could Get There Faster Without an MBA” – This article is directed at individuals who wonder whether they should earn an MBA before creating a start-up.  In the author’s opinion, factors including program costs, the education curriculum, and the time commitment required for an MBA provide little benefit to entrepreneurs.  The better strategy: get out there and learn from experience.

“The World Belongs to Those Who Hustle” – I stumbled across this blog, Art of Manliness, when searching for information about either dressing for success at work or starting a business (I can’t quite remember which topic it was).  Ever since discovering it, I have avidly consumed it articles and highly recommend it to everyone.  It not only offers advice on how to be a man in the 21st century, but it provides strategies for success (like this article) that are useful for both genders.


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