One MBA Student’s Spring Break Observations

Considering CSUF is on spring break this week, I expected (or at least hoped) for more relief from my MBA coursework.  That’s not the case.  I have a significant amount of work on my plate this week, but having the week off of class in the evenings should help alleviate some of the stress.  So for your entertainment, I am providing a brief summary of the work I need to complete over spring break.

My information systems course has a variety of assignments due next week.  On top of the weekly chapter I need to read and practice problems I should attempt, I also must complete a group project.  Our group must analyze a fictional cookie company, determine its optimal production mix, and decide whether to expand into new baking products.  Several of the group members worked through the computations on Excel and I am writing the summary report.  The report needs to be structured like a business memo, so it is taking a little longer to complete than I anticipated.  I am inserting charts and writing analysis as I go, but the charts in particular are taking a long time.  I’m sure I’ll finish putting this together and then find out there was an easier way to create the charts than my strategies.

My information systems management course also has several assignments due by next Thursday.  I have my standard assignments that must be completed, which include reading a textbook chapter and preparing for a case study.  The case study addresses whether Airtel, Ltd., an Indian mobile phone company, should outsource its capital expenditures for its information technology.  The case will tie in directly with the chapter that’s been assigned, but I will also be expected to incorporate topics from previous chapters as well.  Finally, I have to select one of the four previous case studies we’ve discussed during class, and turn-in a write-up that answers four questions tailored to the case.  I am leaning towards doing my write-up about the IBM case, but haven’t settled 100% on which one I will do.

I realize this wasn’t a terribly exciting post, but as you can tell I’ve got a lot of work to complete before next week.  Hopefully things go smoothly, but if anything exciting happens I’ll probably be writing about it in a future post.

Here is an article I read recently that I found quite interesting:

“From $3.75 an Hour to $1 Million a Year” – This inspiring article, direct from CSUF’s business blog, tells the story of Tchicaya Missamou, the owner/founder of The Warrior Fitness Camp, Inc.  Mr. Missamou escaped war-torn Congo and eventually ended up in the United States, where he has created a successful business and fantastic life for himself.  His story is inspiring, and definitely makes me want to do something with my own life.


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