MBA Year One Is Done

My first year in CSUF’s MBA program finished Thursday night!  I turned in my take-home case study, and took time afterwards to unwind with a few classmates.  We discussed the class we’d just completed and each person’s summer plans.  Swapping stories got me thinking about my plans, and how I have a lot I want to accomplish this summer.  I’ll spend most of my time working, but I also must choose my MBA degree concentration.  I’m weighing Marketing, Management, or possibly just a General MBA, but haven’t spent time really deciding which direction I want to go.

Despite those tasks, I will still write weekly posts for the Orange County MBA blog.  I want to continue the student interviews I began earlier this year, and already have two classmates willing to be interviewed.  I’ll provide updates about my concentration decision, and I’m considering adding a section to the blog that describes a little about each course I’ve taken.  I’ll still provide links to articles I read throughout the week, and some of the posts will focus on general MBA topics as well.  All in all, this should be an exciting summer and I’ll be ready to start classes again this fall.

As a side note, I’ve written a guest blog post for CSUF’s Mihaylo School of Business blog.  I was approached two months ago and asked if I’d offer my perspective on the part-time MBA program, especially because I’m already doing that with Orange County MBA.  I was thrilled about the offer, and submitted my guest post last week.  I’m not sure if it will be posted this week or sometime over the summer, but you can be sure I’ll link to it the instant I see it posted.

I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe summer planned and I look forward to continuing to share tips and advice based on my MBA journey.

In honor of Facebook’s IPO on Friday, I’ve found two tech-related articles I wanted to share:

“What I Saw in Zuckerberg’s Bungalow” – This article gives an insider perspective of Facebook during summer 2004, when it prepared to launch in hundreds of universities across the country.  I thought it was an interesting perspective on the company when it was just starting its rapid rise.

“How Netflix Points the Way to Our Post-Facebook Producer Economy” – This article asks the question: “Is it good for the economy to create algorithms that make our internet lives better, or should we focus on making our lives in the physical world better”?  I found it to be a fascinating article, and it certainly posses some thought-provoking questions.

I’m changing things up in the comments section today – share any exciting plans you have for these next summer months.  Going on vacation?  Starting a job?  Picking up a new hobby?  I’m excited about my vacation to the Bahamas – I’d love to hear about what you have planned!


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